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We strive to offer our student the highest quality  coaching at the lowest possible fees with result oriented personalized approach.


Gurukul-type ambience State of the art
education infrastructure.
Smaller Batches = greater attention.
Concise, to the point study material.
Air-conditioned reading hall and library
with Video Lecture Facility.
All IITian Faculty with vast experience.

WHY IITians Guru ?

Excellent Teaching.

Concise and to-the point study material.

Results-Oriented Test Programs with prompt feedback.

Test Series has maximum number of exams, more number of Mock Tests Prelims than any other institute.

Small Batches = Greater Personal Attention.

Well planned lecture schedule at the start of the year.

Personalized doubt solving sessions.

Close monitoring of strengths and weaknesses.

Timely corrective feedback.

Regular interactions with parents.

Well equipped classrooms.

Air-conditioned reading hall and library.

Facility of video lectures.

(In case a student misses a day's lectures for reasons beyond his control, he can sit through the video of the same lecture and make up for the lost attendance)

Director’s Message


Director & Founder 


Director & Founder


Director & Founder


Director & Founder

The study of Science is equivalent to building an architectural structure. If the foundation is weak, the structure will collapse. As IIT-JEE/NEET requires application of what is being taught, the natural curiosity of the student and his/her ability to co-relate concepts across subjects play a key role in the academic progress.

Preparing for IIT-JEE/NEET is not just about sitting in class and listening to lectures or making notes; the best learning happens when students ask questions, when they struggle with a problem and find their way to the answer. Our systems are designed to enable students to do that.

You cannot role learn your way to IIT-JEE/NEET. You will need to apply your mind expand your horizon, get out of your comfort zone, attempt as many questions as you can on the various topics, have your doubts cleared on a regular basis. That is the only way to push your scores higher and higher during IIT-JEE/NEET preparation. As Chhattisgarh’s foremost coaching institute for engineering and medical entrances, we have very high expectations of our students.We believe we are coaching future IITians who will go on to be engineers, researchers and innovators. Accordingly, we demand that these young students treat the next two/one years seriously, work passionately towards the goals they have outlined for themselves. Those who aim to change the world, must first change themselves prove themselves as masters of their subject. We have a very clear picture of where we want our students to reach and we have the systems the infrastructure, the ambiance and most importantly, the faculty to empower sincere and hard working students to achieve their goals.

The gaps in a student’s knowledge need to be filled before we build further upon it.

Unbeatable Faculty Team of IITians Guru



B Tech (IIT Bombay)

Ex. HOD KS Class Mumbai

Experience – 12+ Years



B Tech

Ex Faculty Aakash Institute

Experience – 12+ Years



B Tech (IIT Roorkee)

Ex Faculty KS Classes Mumbai

Experience – 8+ Years



M.Sc. (Gold Medalist)

Ex Faculty KS Classes Mumbai

Experience – 13+ Years



M.Sc. (Glod Medalist)

Ex Faculty Aakash Institute

Experience – 14+ Years